Birthday Special Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Birthday Special Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Today is the birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. While congratulating him on his birthday, it would be relevant to evaluate the work done by him as the Prime Minister, as in the end social commitment is the key issue for any ruling party leader.

While congratulating Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his birthday, it will be relevant to evaluate the work done by him as Prime Minister, as in the end social commitment is the key issue for any ruling party leader.

 Birthday special Prime Minister Narendra Modi: Experimental and extraordinary leader who works continuously out of the box

In fact, Narendra Modi, in his first and second term, made his mark internationally as a strong politician, emphasizing on how India’s prestige will increase in the world and how India will interfere in world politics.

While maintaining friendly relations with neighboring countries, Narendra Modi forged close ties with a superpower like the US as well as with European countries.

Taking a tough stand on many issues in the internal matter in the country and taking the right decisions has been the specialty of Modi’s working style. Irrespective of what one thinks, how the country will benefit more from any policy or decision, Modi has been thinking in this direction and this skill of Modi has been seen many times.

 Birthday special Prime Minister Narendra Modi:

 PM Modi a different personality

Of course, no government is against the common man, but there is a difference between the level of policy making and its actual implementation. The Modi government has maintained its commitment at both these levels.

Modi will be named prominently as a leader who interacts directly with the people in independent India. Modi does it with ease, because he not only understands the common man, but also has a yearning for the common man.

There is a fundamental difference between being aware and acting for official duty and having respect and sense of duty towards social elements.

The social environment in which Narendra Modi was born met his childhood struggles and later through the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

The values ​​of patriotism kept him burning and working day and night for the common man, the poor, downtrodden and the oppressed became the goal of his life.

What the Congress did during his tenure is not a matter of discussion here, but the policies of the Congress did not bring any fundamental change in the society or its pace was very slow.

We have to accept that Modi’s policy is bringing about a fundamental change in the lives of common people. Take the example of his Jan Dhan Yojana.

Lakhs of people never went to the bank, because they never had an account with any bank.

If seen, it seems very easy, but we will give this prestige to such crores of people or not? Due to this scheme of Modi government, more than 30 crore people of the country got this prestige.

There were other economic benefits from this scheme, but in my opinion, increasing their social standing is more important.

The Modi government decided that the beneficiaries should get the direct benefits of government schemes, farmers, agricultural laborers, students and women, the benefits of government schemes should reach directly in the account of all these components of the society.

This has also been a notable aspect of the Jan Dhan Yojana. Pradhan Mantri Arogya Yojana was launched to not only provide health facilities to the poor, but also to provide them better health facilities.

Today crores of people of the country are getting benefited by this scheme.

Another feature of Narendra Modi’s style of work is the simplification of plans. No complications anywhere, just go to the respective place effortlessly and avail the benefits of the scheme.

Narendra Modi has made a sincere effort to end the government babugiri and the problems faced to get the benefits of these schemes.

 The work of the person becomes the identity..!

On one hand Narendra Modi did many experiments and took decisions to emphasize on industrialization. On the other hand, he also worked for the interests of the poor, middle class farmers.

Narendra Modi himself took the initiative to ensure that farmers get good quality seeds and fertilizers on time during the sowing season.

Along with trying to stop the black marketing of urea fertilizer, efforts are being made to maintain its quality.

It may seem like a small thing, but the importance of it in the lives of farmers will be known only to those who know its meaning.

In our country, there has been talk of getting affordable prices for crops for the last several decades, but this was not possible without changing the anti-farmer market policy that has been going on for decades.

For this, Modi took a bold decision to modernize market committees across the country as well as repeal the anti-farmer rules and regulations of market committees.

Along with this, care has also been taken that all farmers should get the minimum support price and this price is increased every year.

Foreign policy, economic policy, defense policy etc. are very big and broad issues.

What Modi did for this can be written in great detail, but I find it more important here to throw light on the work Modi has done for common Indians.

Washing the feet of sanitation workers at the Kumbh Mela may seem like a normal thing, but Modi’s action will have far-reaching social consequences. Social change is not a definite measure of improvement, but a process.

The pace of this process has always been slow. The practise of manual scavenging was legally banned. The act of doing such coercion was classified as an offence.

I think the last step in this social process is Modi washing the feet of the sanitation workers.

Modi repealed or amended many socially repressive laws. Efforts were made to make the law more efficient for the Dalit community.

The special thing is that while doing all this, the politics of elections, votes were not kept in mind, this is the speciality of Modi, this is his commitment to society.

On the other hand, the Mudra scheme was launched to bring the common man, especially the Dalit and tribal communities, into the economic mainstream.

No one is saying so, earlier there was no scheme to provide financial assistance to these sections of the society.

But considering the overall situation of the country and the number of government jobs available, employing all is a difficult task.

For this, it is necessary to separate it. Mudra Yojana has proved to be an alternative to this. Through this scheme, Dalit, tribal youth are reaching the level of giving job opportunities to others, not in search of jobs.

This scheme not only provided accessible financial assistance to Dalit and tribal youth to start industries but also tried to provide a market for their products.

Modi took a very important decision to buy 4% of the products produced by these youths by the government. So far 2.75 crore youth of the country have benefited from this.

How many crore rupees were allocated in this scheme, it was a game of numbers, what is changing because of this scheme, this scheme is creating confidence in the youth of this society, that is what is important to me.

Modi is working for the opportunities of higher education, education abroad for Dalit, tribal students. Similar opportunities are also being provided to students from minority communities. Many schemes have been started for women empowerment.

It is not my intention to list the government schemes here, but it is necessary to check what factors are important in evaluating the work of a leader. That’s why I have discussed only a few decisions here.

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar had said-

The key to power is the instrument of social change and progress.

It is obvious that Babasaheb made efforts for his followers and the people coming out of the purview of power to participate in the power, and made laws accordingly.

He made a constitutional provision to give this community a chance in parliamentary politics. Although they will get a direct chance in power, such should be the policy of that party.

If you take a look at Modi’s cabinet from this point of view, you will see that the face of this cabinet is different from all the previous cabinets.

At the centre of power, all castes get a chance, but the sections of the society who have not been given a direct chance in power, many such faces are their allies in Modi’s cabinet, this is what makes Modi special.

While implementing Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar’s political ideas, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar’s inspiration continues, for this, sites related to Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar are being developed.

The overall personality of Modi is creating an atmosphere of confidence among the youth of the country.

For example, in the Olympics, we have made a historic performance so far. I do not intend to attribute this to any leader or department, even before there was a sports department, there was a financial provision, there were various sports organizations, but there was an atmosphere of confidence, the government is with us, this assurance and support for sports and sportspersons.

A definite policy is necessary for this. I have served as the Sports Minister of the state, so based on my experience in this field, I can claim that the conditions for the sports sector in the country are better than ever.

We continue to experience the uniqueness of Narendra Modi as a party leader, friend and guide, but in public life as well, he is different at different levels, his innate personality, as a leader who takes bold decisions, at different levels he is the best. are different.

Despite being in the highest office of power, the leader who communicates directly with the people works day and night and always thinks about the interests of the country and the common man i.e. Narendra Modi.

His image is not an exaggeration, but very few leaders get so much love and support from the people. Modi has earned all this through his actions, this fact will have to be accepted even by his opponents.

Once again congratulations to our leader, leader of the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji..!


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