Brother-in-law shoots sister-in-law in unrequited love, hospitalized in critical condition, accused absconding

SAHARSA: The incident that ruined the relationship between sister-in-law and brother-in-law has come from Saharsa where one brother-in-law shot her sister-in-law in unrequited love.

The injured woman was taken to Sonbarsa PHC in critical condition, where doctors referred her to Saharsa Sadar Hospital in view of her critical condition. where treatment continues.

After carrying out the same incident, the accused brother-in-law fled from the spot. At present, the police is investigating the whole matter.

Brother-in-law shoots sister-in-law in unrequited love, hospitalized in critical condition, accused absconding -SAHARSA

In relation to the incident, it is said that the name of the person who shot the bullet is Mohd. Tanveer, who seems to be the cousin brother-in-law of Safina Khatoon in the relationship.

Tanveer was in love with Safin for almost a year and wanted to marry her forcibly, but Safina, who was a sister-in-law in the relationship, was not ready for his decision.

On refusing to marry, Tanveer reached Safina’s maternal house and shot her. Hearing the sound of bullets, the maternal relatives reached the spot and took Safina to Sonbarsa PHC. S

eeing his critical condition, doctors referred him to Saharsa where his condition remains critical.

It is noteworthy that 30-year-old Safina Khatoon was married 6 years ago to Mohd, a resident of Pulaghat Tola of Saurabazar. With Irshad. Irshad works as a painter living in Bangalore.

At the same time, 18-year-old cousin Tanveer got an evil eye on Safina. He fell in love with his sister-in-law unilaterally. Tanveer is ready to go to any extent to get Safina.

Meanwhile, Tanveer had also run away from the house with her sister-in-law on the pretext of roaming but Safina returned from there and went to her maternal home.

When Safina came to know about this, she understood Tanveer’s intention and started staying away from him. One day Tanveer kept the matter of marriage in front of Safina, due to which she is also surprised to hear.

He refused to marry. Despite Safina’s refusal, Tanveer started pressing for marriage. When Safina, who was living in her maternal house, was sitting at the door of the house, suddenly Tanveer came and shot her and fled. Safina’s condition remains critical, her treatment is going on in Sadar Hospital.

Fatima’s mother told that Tanveer seems to be Fatima’s cousin brother-in-law in the relationship, who was harassing Fatima for almost a year and was forcibly pressurizing her for marriage.

Fatima was not ready for this marriage. Tired of Tanveer, she had come to her maternal home, which passed Tanveer exasperated and shot Fatima sitting at the door.

After shooting, Tanveer fled the spot. In relation to the incident, the SHO of Sonbarsa Raj says that he has just received information about the incident.

On receiving information about the incident, a police team has been sent to the spot. The police is investigating the case. The guilty in the case will not be spared.

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