Center for Excellence will be constructed in Saharsa

Center for Excellence will be constructed in Saharsa

Center for Excellence will be constructed in Saharsa, all kinds of facilities will be available

There is good news for the players of Bihar. The way has been cleared for the construction of the Center for Excellence in Saharsa. This was announced by the Minister of Art, Culture and Youth, Dr Alok Ranjan himself.

State’s Minister of Art, Culture and Youth Department, Dr Alok Ranjan said that the Center for Excellence will be made for the players at Kosi Divisional Headquarters, Saharsa.

In which all kinds of state-of-the-art facilities and resources will be available to the players of every sport.

With the construction of the Center for Excellence, players of more than two dozen sports disciplines will get an opportunity to play together at one place in Saharsa.

Center for Excellence will be constructed in Saharsa, all kinds of facilities will be available

For this, the entire team of Dr Sanjay Singh, Director, Art Culture Sports Department of the state has come on Saturday. He said that Khel Bhawan in Saharsa is being constructed at a cost of Rs.6 crore 68 lakh.

In which facilities for other sports including Kabaddi, Wrestling, Taekwondo, Table Tennis will be available. Adequate resources are being made available for all sports. So that there is no inconvenience to the players.

For kabaddi and wrestling games, better state-of-the-art mats and other equipment will be installed. which has been agreed. All facilities will be available under one roof in the sports building.

The entire stadium complex will be further developed for the Center for Excellence. The stadium will be seen in a new look. All sports and athletics games will be equipped with the resources to play them with proper lighting arrangements all around.

This will be the first district where the first Center for Excellence is being built in the entire state. Art, Culture and Sports Minister Dr Alok Ranjan also reviewed it with the departmental officers and the District Magistrate in the local council.

Adequate land is available in the stadium itself for the Center for Excellence. The Minister instructed the District Magistrate to remove the encroachment around the same.

District Magistrate Kaushal Kumar talked about getting it measured within a week and sending a detailed report to the department. So that it can be started in time.

During the interaction of the meeting, the minister clearly said that it is his dream to see the national map in Saharsa sports.

He also called upon the players to acquire proficiency in their respective fields. So that the name of the region and the province can be in the whole country and abroad.

Director inspected the sports building and stadium

Dr Sanjay Singh, Director, Art, Culture and Youth Department of the state inspected the stadium including the Khel Bhawan.

During the inspection, he said in conversation that he had come to Saharsa to assess the available sports resources. So that every genre of the game can be better equipped.

The entire team of the director kept inspecting the stadium and sports building throughout the day.

Been engaged in marking the venues for the various sporting events including each room.

After marking the places, he got the stadium measured including the sports building. He said that players would get all facilities in Saharsa Khel Bhawan.

There is enough space for every game. During the inspection, Rajesh Kumar, Deputy Secretary to the Art Culture Minister, Mithilesh Kumar, Director of Youth Welfare, Rajendra Kumar, District Sports Officer of Motihari, Sanjay Kumar, District Sports Officer of Patna, along with Saharsa District Sports Officer Dilip Kumar etc. were present with him.

Sports federation representatives met the director

Director Dr Sanjay Singh also met the operators of various sports associations in Saharsa and listened to their problems.

Players associated with different sports disciplines Roshan Singh Dhoni, Dharmendra Narayan Singh Nayan, Tridiv Singh, Sudhanshu Mishra, Rupesh Kamat, Harendra Singh Major, Syed Sami Ahmed, Manoranjan Singh, Rupesh Kamat, Shailesh Jha, Anand Jha, Akhilesh Jha, Anshu Kumar, Aman Kumar Singh etc.

Convey their opinion in the interests of the players for the development of the game and expressed their happiness over the construction of the Center for Excellence in Saharsa and expressed their gratitude to the Art Culture Minister Dr Alok Ranjan.

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