Chapra’s Naseem Akhtar & Shashibhushan Sahi will get Rajkiya Shikshak Puraskar

Chapra’s Naseem Akhtar & Shashibhushan Sahi will get the Rajkiya Shikshak Puraskar

Preparations are going on in many places to celebrate Teacher’s Day tomorrow i.e. 5th September with great pomp in Chhapra district of Bihar. Meanwhile, there is news that on this special day, two teachers of the district will be honoured with the State Teacher Award.

The state government has selected 20 teachers from across Bihar for the State Teacher Award, in which Naseem Akhtar, teacher of Bibi Ram Plus Two High School, Nagra, Saran and Shashibhushan Sahi, teacher of Tesur Utkrit Middle School, Ekma, have been selected.

The selection of both the teachers has once again made Saran proud and there is an atmosphere of joy among the teachers and students.

Naseem Akhtar & Shashibhushan Sahi

In fact, Naseem Akhtar, a teacher of Biwi Ram High School in Nagra, has made a significant contribution to the education of the government school in Saran for the past several years.

Super Thirty Batch is also operated in the district by Naseem Akhtar. In this coaching, children prepare for inter matriculation.

Apart from this, Naseem Akhtar has also given a better result in the field of education to the students through the digital medium.

Rajkiya Shikshak Puraskar

Apart from this, Naseem Akhtar has given his best contribution in the better implementation of education projects in Saran, upgradation, etc.

With this achievement of Naseem, there is an atmosphere of happiness among both the teachers and the students around.

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