Complainants made serious allegations in the CM Nitish Kumar’s Public court

 Complainants made serious allegations in the CM Nitish Kumar’s Public court

  • Many serious allegations against the police in Janata Darbar, women accused many inspectors and DSPs of sexual exploitation
  • Nitish Kumar sent the girl who arrived with a complaint against the DGP, to complain to the DGP.

 Complainants made serious allegations in the CM Nitish Kumar’s public court

What is the condition of good governance in Bihar, the complainants on Monday exposed it in front of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar? In the Janata Darbar program, women accused many inspectors and DSPs of sexual exploitation.

Not only this, one of the complainants told the Chief Minister that when the DSP went to meet the DGP in the sexual abuse case, he said that the girls first implicate people with their actions and later complain.

To such an extent that Nitish sent the girl back to the DGP with a complaint. Perhaps this will be the first case against whom the complaint has been made, the same complaint will be heard.

The woman, who accused STF’s DSP Aman Kumar of sexual harassment, said in front of the Chief Minister that she had reached Bihar DGP SK Singhal on Friday with her complaint, but the DGP had crossed the limit.

He said that girls first implicate boys with their actions and then later accuse them.

A woman chief complained to the chief minister that her husband had been murdered. Even after complaining, the police station is engaged in saving the accused.

The accused was also arrested and got bail in 17 days. Now that accused is continuously threatening. On this, the Chief Minister directed the Additional Chief Secretary and DGP of the Home Department to take action in this matter.

While complaining against the Superintendent of Police and the station in charge of Siwan, Gautam Yadav said that these people made public on WhatsApp the written information made by us against the liquor vendors.

Taking cognizance of the matter, the Chief Minister ordered the concerned department to take immediate action.

Woman accuses Valmiki Nagar JDU MLA of murder

The victim woman, who came from Valmiki Nagar, accused JDU MLA Rinku Singh that the local MLA Rinku Singh was accused of the murder of her husband, but the police did not take any action so far.

After this complaint, the Chief Minister sent the victim woman to the DGP and asked her to investigate.

The cases of 195 applicants were heard in the Chief Minister’s program in the public court and necessary directions were given to the officials.


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