Darbhanga Airport became popular due to better

Darbhanga Airport became popular due to better

Darbhanga Airport became popular due to better connectivity, surpassing Patna in air travel

Darbhanga Airport has become popular among the air travellers of Bihar in a short span of time. This is the reason why Darbhanga Airport has even surpassed Patna Airport in the average booking per plane.

In an aircraft of Patna, where an average of 110 to 125 passengers is moving. Whereas in Darbhanga this average is around 150. People of North Bihar are preferring to travel by air from Darbhanga instead of Patna.

At present, there is the movement of 10 pairs of aircraft from Darbhanga.

There is also the movement of 12 planes on any given day.

This is the situation when only two airlines SpiceJet and Indigo have served from Darbhanga.

Currently, there are flights to Darbhanga for Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

Due to direct connectivity to these major cities, passengers from North Bihar coming from these cities are not coming to Patna, which has a direct impact on the booking of planes in Patna. I

instead of Patna, the people of North Bihar are saving both time and money in commuting from Darbhanga.

Darbhanga Airport became popular due to better connectivity

If we look at the latest figures, on September 1, where 1440 passengers booked tickets in 10 flights to and from Darbhanga, 8755 passengers arrived in 66 aircraft at Patna airport.

According to the average booking, more bookings are being done in Patna to Darbhanga planes almost every day.

Increased possibilities of airport development in small towns of the state

Darbhanga Airport has strengthened the prospects of airport development in smaller towns of the state.

The Civil Aviation Ministry is also buoyed by the popularity of Darbhanga Airport and has taken initiatives for the development of other airports in the state.

Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia wrote to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar recently for the construction of 50 acres for Purnia airport, 121 acres in Raxaul, 475 acres for Muzaffarpur airport and a new civil enclave with CAT approach light system in Darbhanga.

78 acres of land is required. Along with this, 49.5 acres have been demanded other necessary infrastructure including runway extension, parallel taxi path at Patna airport.

In the coming days, the discussion of a new airport in Gopalganj’s Sabaya Airport and Saran has also intensified.

International flights will be easy from Patna

Patna Airport will also benefit from the plan to develop airports in smaller cities of the state including Darbhanga Airport. Patna airport is being made internationally friendly by spending more than 1200 crores.

In such a situation, it will be easy for the planes going abroad to get slots and land on the runway, in-flight as well as in parking.

The Civil Aviation Ministry is also looking at the possibility of flights from Patna to Kathmandu, Patna to Dubai and other places in the coming days.

Due to the shifting of passengers in Darbhanga, the queue of passengers going to Patna airport has also become smaller than before. Also, there is no congestion like before.

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