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Deepika Kumari: The success story of Deepika Kumari who created history in the Archery World Cup

Deepika Kumari: The success story of Deepika Kumari who created history in the Archery World Cup

Deepika Kumari: The success story of Deepika Kumari who created history in the Archery World Cup

Archer Deepika Kumari Success Story: There are many women in India, who are performing brilliantly in sports at national and international level.

What was once considered a men’s sport, today includes women too. Be it Indian women’s cricket, or women’s hockey, horse riding or boxing, weightlifting or archery, women are performing brilliantly in every field.

Many Indian women athletes are in the top 5 in the list of world class women players. Today is the birthday of Indian female archer Deepika Kumari, who made Indian archery a place at the world level. Deepika Kumari created history in Archery World Cup.

Her success and achievement is also special because Deepika Kumari’s life struggle and journey to reach this point was very interesting. Let us know about female archer Deepika Kumari, her biography and achievements.

Biography of Deepika Kumari

Female archer Deepika Kumari was born on 13 June 1994 in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. His father was an auto driver and mother has been a nurse in a medical college.

Born in a normal family, Deepika was fond of archery since childhood. As a child, she used to throw stones at the mangoes hanging on the tree.

Archery training

Deepika’s talent was recognized by her parents and got Deepika enrolled in Arjun Munda’s Archery Academy. Deepika’s professional training started from here.

In those days, Deepika did not have much money, so Deepika used to practice making bows out of bamboo.

Archery career of Deepika Kumari

In 2006, Deepika got selected in the Tata Archery Academy. Deepika Kumari got her first gold medal in compound singles event at the World Championships held in Mexico this year. Along with winning the first gold of her career, Deepika also brought laurels to the country.

Achievement and Awards of Deepika Kumari

From here the successful career of Deepika Kumari started. Deepika joined the top archers of the world. At the age of just 15, Deepika won the 11th Youth Archery Championship held in America. In the year 2010, Deepika won a bronze medal in the Asian Games.

After that she won gold in individual event at Commonwealth Games 2010 and also won gold in women’s recurve team event.

With this, Deepika Kumari became the world’s number one archer in female archery. He received Arjuna Award, Sportsperson of the Year Award, Padma Bhushan and Young Achievers Award.

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