Drivers charging twice the fixed fare on the Buxar coach route – Bihar

Drivers charging twice the fixed fare on the Buxar coach route – Bihar

The woes of the common man have increased due to the arbitrary fares taken by the passenger vehicles on the roads. Whereas, by not fixing the fare of the ride, the administration is only doing the paperwork.

In such a situation, the general public is worried. Passengers are being charged twice the fare on the Buxar-Cochas route. Every day there is a quirk between the passengers and the drivers regarding this.

Drivers cite increased fuel prices, but collectively are charging passengers many times more money than the increased fuel prices.

Many years ago, the fare was fixed by the department at the rate of Re 1 per kilometre for passenger convenience. Boards were also put up in the stands.

Everything went well for a few days, but the fares were hiked arbitrarily after the steep rise in fuel prices. After a few days, the lockdown came. The movement of vehicles came to a standstill.

When the operation of vehicles was started, the standard was set by the administration.

However, this guideline proved to be a boon for public transport operators. Compliance with the guideline happened only a few days, but under the guise of this, the fare was increased.

The administration remained a watchdog, the same situation prevails even today.

Drivers charging twice the fixed fare on the Buxar coach route – Bihar

It is said that the fare from Buxar to Marehaniya has doubled, these days the fare from Buxar to Mohania is Rs 80, whereas, the bus fares from Buxar to Kochas are charging Rs 70.

Earlier the fare was fixed by the administration which was fixed at Re 1 per kilometre. Whereas, there was a marginal increase in fares over short distances.

A year ago, the fare for a 45 km coach from Buxar was Rs 35 to 40, while it was fixed at Rs 10 to go from Buxar to Chausa. But, today the fare for this 45 km distance is Rs 70 charged by the passenger vehicle.

The same ten kilometres away, the fare of Chausa became Rs 20. Whether small, three-wheeler or large passenger vehicle, Rs 20 is charged from the passengers as fare.

Similarly, the fare from Buxar to Mohania is Rs 80 and from Ramgarh Rs 60. Whereas, the drivers say that the amount is taken due to the huge increase in oil prices.

Here an attempt was made to talk to the District Transport Officer in this regard, but he could not be contacted.

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