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Global Challenges: Epidemics and the Environment

Global Challenges: Epidemics and the Environment

Global Challenges: Epidemics and the Environment

Global challenges like pandemics, the environmental crisis can be dealt with only in the spirit of cooperation.

In the years 2020 and 2021, there was a lot of uncertainty in the world, pain and suffering increased on many levels. In the new year, people around the world would like us to leave these worries behind and see a better time and find long-term solutions.

Big challenges like the Kovid pandemic, environmental crisis and global unrest are facing the world in the new year. These global challenges can be tackled only in the spirit of cooperation.

The problem of Covid epidemic around the world has troubled everyone. The second wave of Kovid created a lot of furore in India as well. And now with the arrival of the Omicron variant, fears of a third wave of the pandemic are looming large.

Many rich countries of the world have hoarded the Kovid vaccine, while many poor countries have a severe shortage of vaccines to vaccinate their citizens. Although India has supplied the Kovid vaccine to many countries of the world. The vaccination campaign is being run very fast in our country too.

Global Challenges: Epidemics and the Environment

About 64 per cent of the people in the country have received both doses of the vaccine and about 90 per cent of the people have received the first dose.

The developed and rich countries of the world should supply vaccines for the citizens of poor countries because as long as a single person remains unprotected from the epidemic, there will be a possibility of the epidemic returning again and again.

If civil society also follows the covid protocol, avoids overcrowding, wears masks and consults a doctor immediately if needed, then one should hope that this year the pandemic will not cause much damage. With the spirit of cooperation, one country will be able to help the other to overcome this crisis.

Similarly, the world’s biggest environmental problems (such as climate change) require countries to rise above their narrow perspectives. It is a question of saving the life-giving potential of the earth. For this, the cooperation of all countries is needed for maintaining the conditions for the development of diverse life on the earth.

The current model of development is dependent on the indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources. Industrial progress has caused huge damage to the environment and increased carbon emissions. Countries like the US and China are most responsible for the emission of greenhouse gases.

Rich countries promised during environmental talks that they would provide developing and poor countries with not only funding to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also the technology needed to do so. But now developed countries are going back on their promise.

If the thinking of the world fraternity is developed, it will go a long way in solving these serious environmental problems. It must also include the thought of protecting all forms of life and protecting future generations.

There is always room for animosity, doubt, and difference of opinion, but there is an urgent need today to increase global cooperation to advance issues of common interest and to keep justice and equity in mind.

The concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam has been considered ideal in our country for centuries.

It includes the purpose of rising above narrowness and accepting the whole world as one’s own and the good of the whole world. Today, there is an arms race among different countries, which is the biggest threat to global peace. Gandhian movements of India can play an important role in this.

The thinking of ‘Jai Jagat’ of the Sarvodaya movement is very favourable to this. There are many movements and campaigns for peace and peace in the world. The United Nations can also play an important role in ensuring peace. like this in the present
It is necessary to launch the effort on a large scale, it will help in solving many of the complex problems of the world.

Nishant Chandravanshi

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