Expensive to park the vehicle at Muzaffarpur Junction

Expensive to park the vehicle at Muzaffarpur Junction

Expensive to park the vehicle at Muzaffarpur Junction. Need to go to court to get the seized vehicle free

Some rules have been changed at Muzaffarpur railway station from September 5. Now vehicles will have to be parked in the vehicle stand only in the station premises.

Failure to do so will result in RPF confiscation of the vehicle. To get the confiscated vehicle, you will have to release it by paying a fine in court.

It will be costly for someone to park a vehicle on a number platform of the local junction. The station director has decided that any vehicle will be parked only in the stand built on the station premises.

This arrangement will be implemented from Sunday. For this, an agreement has been signed with the vehicle stand operator.

Railway workers will have to pay only Rs 250 for a month. By making a pass, the stand operator will give it to the railway worker.

They will get a pass at a concessional rate only after getting it written from the head of the department.

Full fare will be charged if it is not brought by the head of the department. In case of violation of this order, the RPF will confiscate his vehicle.

After that, he will have to be released from the court by paying a fine under the Railway Act. Station director Manoj Kumar gave this order to the VIP room on Saturday.

Expensive to park the vehicle at Muzaffarpur Junction

The vehicle was being parked by railway personnel at platform number one of Muzaffarpur Junction. At the same time, people keep roaming around the station premises by parked all the vehicles here and there.

A meeting was held with all the supervisors of Muzaffarpur Junction in the VIP room regarding this.

Station manager Sudhir Kumar, RPF Inspector BP Verma, GRP SHO Dinesh Kumar Sahu and all railway supervisors were present on the occasion.

The railway control room will be built on the arrival of the Railway Parliamentary Party

Jasan, Mufferpur: On the arrival of the Railway Parliamentary Party on November 7, special arrangements are being made by the Railways in two big hotels of Madipur.

Apart from this, all the rooms have been booked in the circuit house. Arrangements are being made for all the railway officials to stay at the Royal Fullar and Grand Madhav Hotels.

The control room of the railway is being built on the third floor of the Royal Fuller. Information about the ongoing railway projects of East Central Railway will be taken after meeting with railway officials on November 7.

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