Rudrabhishek performed in Mahadev Temple Umga Mountain Aurangabad

Rudrabhishek performed in Mahadev Temple located in Umga Mountain, Aurangabad, Bihar

On Thursday, under the aegis of Rudrabhishek ritual committee Madanpur, the Mahadev Mandir (Futalki Math Temple) located at Umga mountain, the historical site of the block, was organized.

Rudrabhishek ritual Acharya Niranjan Mishra and Vinay Mishra performed the Yagya with the classical method. The main hosts Nagendra Prasad and Virendra Kumar were married.

Shiva devotees who reached the spot paid their respects to Suman Lord Bhole Shankar. After the Havan Aarti, the Prasad distribution program continued till late evening.

The chairman of the committee, Gyandutt Pandey said that the devotees also have the responsibility of protecting and protecting the said place.

Devotees have congratulated SP Kantesh Kumar Mishra for setting up a permanent tourist station at the said site to provide security to the historical heritage.

Mahadev Temple located in Umga Mountain, Aurangabad, Bihar

Kumar Saurabh of Swadeshi Jagran Manch, who was present on the occasion, said on the approval of the tourism station that the SP has shown pious loyalty and diligence. Said that this mountain peak is the subject of research and discovery.

If the government conducts research on the historicity of the said place by experts, then many secrets of its importance will come to the fore, due to which it will be famous as a major tourist destination on the map of the world.

Vice President Dilip Prasad Gupta, Secretary Dr Shivnandan Yadav, Member Jagnarayan Pathak, Akshay Pathak, Pramesh Kumar, Shambhu Sharan Singh, Dev Narayan Prajapati, Arun Kumar Singh, Shivnath Prajapati, Arvind Kumar, Vijay Pathak, former state chief of Bajrang Dal Jitendra Singh Devotees including Dharmendra Kumar Singh, Shyam Laik Singh, Devendra Singh, patron of Tulsi Dal Satsang Committee Narayanpur, Jitendra Rishi Asan, Gopal Singh, Block Head of Dharma Prasar were present.

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