Murder in Madhepura: Son and grandson killed old man in land dispute 

Murder in Madhepura: Son and grandson killed old man in land dispute 

Murder in Madhepura Bihar: Son and grandson killed the old man in the land dispute

In a land dispute, the son and the grandson together killed the old man. Late in the night while he was sleeping inside the house, during this time both of them shot and killed him. A case has been registered in this matter. Also both of them…!

The secret of the shooting of old Haji Mu. Hanif during his sleep on Thursday night in Laxmipur Bhagwati Panchayat of Srinagar police station has come to light.

For the piece of land, the son and grandson and others together had carried out the incident of murder. A case has been registered against five named and other unidentified persons in this regard. Police have arrested two killer grandsons.

Murder in Madhepura Bihar: Son and grandson killed the old man in the land dispute

In this regard, the grandson of the deceased, Mu. Sadre Alam has filed a case in the police station and accused his grandfather of pressurizing his grandfather to register the land against his uncle Mu. Islam and his sons Mu.Injar and Abdul, along with three other nominees and other unknowns.

Due to pressure, Wednesday was also taken to Madhepura for land registry. Where grandfather had said that he had forgotten some bananas. Because of this, they could not work. Everyone was very angry with this.

On reaching home, Mu. Islam called some people and carried out the incident. SHO Ramesh Kumar took quick action and raided Abdul, Mu. Injar and arrested him.

It is known that Haji Mu. Hanif (80), a resident of Amjal Tola, ward number 15 of the panchayat, was sleeping in the scaffolding at the door. He was shot dead late at night during his sleep.

The villagers were talking in different ways about the incident of murder. But no one was refusing to say anything.

On Saturday, Mu. Sadar Alam, the grandson of the deceased Haji Mu. Hanif, accused uncle Mu. Islam and his son, while investigating the case.

The deceased Haji lived with Mu. Hanif son Mu. Hameed. SHO Ramesh Kumar said that action is being taken to arrest the two named accused of the incident and send them to judicial custody.

Raids are on to nab the remaining accused.

Girl dies under suspicious circumstances

The girl died in a suspicious situation on Friday night in Sripur under the Sadar police station area.

The relatives have spoken of death due to electrocution. Police handed over the dead body to the relatives after conducting a post-mortem under the supervision of the Medical Board at Sadar Hospital.

The relative has given an application to the police station and said that the girl got electrocuted while ironing the clothes. this caused his death.

When the reason for the girl’s death was not clear to the police, the SHO wrote a letter to the Deputy Superintendent of the hospital and requested to set up a medical board and conduct a post-mortem.

At the request of the SHO, the hospital administration constituted a five-member medical board and got the post-mortem done under his supervision.

Some people say that the girl was murdered by strangulation. Although this is subject to investigation. The situation will come out after the post-mortem report comes.

SHO Suresh Prasad Singh said that it is not clear what caused the girl’s death.

For this reason, the post-mortem was conducted under the supervision of the Medical Board. It will be clear from the report whether the girl was murdered or died due to an electric current.

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