Revenue worker was taking bribe, Vigilance caught red-handed -Gopalganj 

Revenue worker was taking bribe, Vigilance caught red-handed -Gopalganj Bihar

In the Gopalganj district of Bihar, the Vigilance team took this action early in the morning on Monday. Vigilance personnel had demanded 10 thousand rupees instead of work.

The team of Vigilance Raid has taken major action in Gopalganj, Bihar. Taking action, the Vigilance team has arrested the revenue worker red-handed for taking bribes.

The team of the monitoring department has taken this action in the Bathua market of Phulwaria. The name of the accused revenue worker is Gopalji Singh, who is a revenue worker of Bathua Bazar of Phulwaria.

According to the information, in Savnaha village of Phulwaria, the path of Dalit settlement was closed by some bullies.

Regarding this, Abhay Tiwari of the village applied for opening the way to the CO of Phulwaria in June itself.

Revenue worker was taking bribe, Vigilance caught red-handed -Gopalganj Bihar

After the application, the CO had instructed the revenue worker to investigate the matter, but instead of opening the way, a demand of Rs 10,000 was made by the revenue worker Gopalji Singh, after which Abhay Tiwari lodged a written complaint under surveillance on August 25.

The monitoring team started work on it on August 27 and found the matter to be correct. After this, in the early hours of September 1, the monitoring team reached Bathua Bazar under the leadership of DSP Arun Paswan and here the revenue worker was arrested taking 10 thousand bribes in a rented house.

The surveillance team has taken Siwan after arresting the bribe worker. The arrested worker is on contract who is a resident of Sitab Diara of Saran. After the arrest, there has been a stir among other revenue personnel of Gopalganj.

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