Sadar Hospital Bhagalpur, Bihar: Refused to treat pregnant

Sadar Hospital Bhagalpur, Bihar: Refused to treat pregnant

Sadar Hospital Bhagalpur: Refused to treat pregnant, said – Take it to the clinic, there is no arrangement here

In Sadar Hospital, the doctor refused to treat the pregnant woman saying that there was no arrangement there. The doctor asked to take me to the clinic. Due to this, there was a dispute and argument between the doctor of unconsciousness and the relatives. Later the relatives took the pregnant to the clinic.

Barhpura resident Mohd. Hasim’s wife Sabreen Jahan was brought to the Sadar Hospital at 4 pm on Thursday for delivery. Swajan Bilal told that Dr Alpana Mitra, who was present in the hospital at that time, said that there is no system here.

So take you to Mayaganj hospital or clinic. When this information was given to Civil Surgeon Dr Umesh Sharma, he said that all arrangements are in place in the hospital.

Since ultrasound in the hospital stops after 2 o’clock, ultrasound was sent to the clinic and got it done. Was asked to go to Mayaganj hospital for blood arrangement.

Sadar Hospital Bhagalpur: Refused to treat pregnant

At the same time, hospital staff Aditya said that there is a blood bank in Sadar Hospital. Where Sabreen was in the labor room, suddenly she came and said that the operation is not to be done here.

The female doctor was saying that if the situation worsens, she will be referred to Mayaganj Hospital. In the meantime, Dr Raju of unconsciousness also came.

The relative told me that Dr Raju said that I have been called. The operation will have to be done.

They started abusing. Swajan Bilal said that the Civil Surgeon came on the speaker of the mobile and narrated the words of Dr Raju. During this, while pulling the nurse’s clothes, the doctor started saying that he would be implicated in the rape case. No one can do anything.

Sadar Hospital Bhagalpur

At the same time, Dr Alpana Mitra said that there is still one month left for the delivery. The patient was not ready for the operation. Dr Raju rubbished the allegations and said that he had typhoid.

When they reached the hospital at the behest of the civil surgeon, the relatives were creating a ruckus. There was not a single examination or ultrasound of the patient.

The relatives were misbehaving with the nurse. He even threatened to kill me. After this, he also went to the labor room. When the civil surgeon got to know about this, he himself came to the hospital and got all the tests done.

At the behest of the CS, preparations were being made for the operation that in the meantime, as soon as Dr Raju, the doctor of unconsciousness, came, the relatives of the patient were ready to take him to the clinic.

There was a lot of argument between the relative and the doctor, but the security guard pacified the matter.

At the same time, the relatives told that they were arranging B positive blood for the pregnant from Mayaganj hospital when the doctor and other staff said that it would be referred to Mayaganj after the caesarean operation.

On this, we took the pregnant woman to the clinic.

Dr Alpana Mitra’s complaint has been received for the second time. A letter will be written to the DM for action against him. Dr Raju will also be asked for clarification. – Dr Umesh Sharma, Civil Surgeon

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