Secrets of the Taliban: The Enigma of Afghanistan and India

Secrets of the Taliban: The Enigma of Afghanistan and India

Secrets of the Taliban: The Enigma of Afghanistan and India

Statistics show that a modern Afghan army (Afghan National Defense and Security Forces) was raised by spending one trillion dollars.

Why does it seem that the speed with which the Taliban took over Afghanistan was beyond the comprehension and thinking of the Indian government?

Now people all over the country are pointing fingers at the Biden administration of America. In fact, the question is arising in the minds of the people of India that why was the Biden administration in such a hurry to call back its soldiers.

Why did they leave that war-torn country to suffer the arbitrariness of the Taliban, despite spending so many resources and money in Afghanistan for twenty consecutive years without achieving anything?

The last two US administrations (Barack Obama and Donald Trump) have repeatedly stated that they are implementing plans to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan, but either Obama or Trump could not succeed in this plan.

But President Joe Biden hastily withdrew his troops. Earlier he said that we are committed to the safe return of all Americans from Afghanistan. But the way American soldiers returned, the world saw it. For this reason, Joe Biden is being criticized all over the world.

However, President Biden clarified that if Afghanistan’s three-million-strong army, which the US regime has nurtured for the past two decades, trained and prepared to take on the Taliban, does not want to defend its country, So for this the American administration cannot put the lives of its soldiers at stake.

In this context, statistics show that a modern Afghan army (Afghan National Defense and Security Forces) was raised by spending one trillion dollars.

Before its withdrawal from Afghanistan, in June, the US supplied six-light attack helicopters, 174 armoured vehicles, 10,000 2.75-inch rockets, 61 thousand 40 mm high explosive bullets, nine lakh 0.50 calibre bullets and 2 million 7.62 mm bullets to the Afghan army.

In short, the Afghan Air Force has 45 Blackhawk helicopters, 56 Mi-17 and several C-130 transport ships. All these weapons may have fallen into the hands of the Taliban.

US President Joe Biden blames Ashraf Ghani for this, who fled the country before the Taliban entered Kabul.

This is not the only natural, but it is also a fact. Despite being in a strong position due to the escape of Ashraf Ghani, the Afghan army in a way laid down its arms. This is what happens when the leadership runs away with a rump.

Naturally, India is going through a huge conflict after the Taliban took over in Afghanistan. In the last twenty years, the Indian government has built roads, bridges, buildings and even Parliament House for three billion dollars there.

The question on the minds of the people of India is whether the Taliban will destroy the infrastructure created by Indian investments.

Will the government and people of Afghanistan forget India’s contribution, which built dams, highways, commercial infrastructure there?

In such a situation, India’s bitterness and concern are natural.

But during this time it is most important to return the stranded Indians to their country fast and safe. This cannot be ignored under any circumstances and it is expected that the Central Government will promptly ensure the safe return of all Indians.

There is a lot of discussion about the developments in Afghanistan these days. The target of the people is not only the American administration but also the Indian government. Years-old anti-American cries were heard again.

It was heard in a forum that ‘Americans were neither confidants before, nor will be in years to come.’

At the same time, an Indian diplomat remarked that ‘Americans always leave with their boob straight and someone else has to clean up the mess they spread.’

Some people are openly declaring the Indian intelligence department as useless because we could not catch this conspiracy of Pakistan.

We have complete knowledge of the history related to Pakistan and Afghanistan. The credit for making the Soviet forces helpless was also given to Pakistan, where the American CIA, with the help of Pakistan’s ISI, prepared a Mujahideen army and gradually sent it to fight against Soviet forces in Afghanistan. This history is repeating itself.

It is also possible that Pakistan is sending its terrorist produce to Afghanistan in the name of the Taliban. The close friendship between Taliban leaders and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is clearly visible.

Pakistan has made full use of its experience and its institutions in Afghanistan. But I think in the coming years a new monster will be born out of the encounter between Pakistan and the Afghan Taliban, which will lead Pakistan to Partition because relations are born out of vision, not cleverness.

It is true that at present, Afghanistan has become such a puzzle, which the Indian government will have to solve with its skilful diplomacy and prudence.

The feeling of hatred against the Taliban that has been growing in our minds over the years can become a hindrance in our taking a concrete step. But sensible countries do not hesitate to take any unexpected and new step in the interest of themselves and their people.

So perhaps we may need to ask our neighbours for help, which can help open the doors of the Taliban. China is leaving no stone unturned to build ties with the Taliban.

The Taliban’s attitude in this context is motivated by its own interests. They have even forgotten their ally of China, the Uighur Muslims. Obviously, selfishness is supreme. India should also take diplomatic steps given its national interest.

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