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Six lakh voters will cast their votes in Lakhisarai

Six lakh voters will cast their votes in Lakhisarai

Six lakh voters will cast their votes in Lakhisarai, this time changes will be seen at these levels

Bihar Panchayat Chunav 2021: The excitement about the Bihar Panchayat elections has intensified. Six lakh voters will exercise their franchise in Lakhisarai. The instructions issued by the commission will be followed during the voting. Also this time…!

Six lakh voters will cast their votes in Lakhisarai, Bihar

The agitation for the Panchayat elections has intensified in the district. In the 76 panchayats of seven blocks of the district, 6,05,483 voters will choose their panchayat government.

Panchayat elections to be held in eight phases in the district will begin from October 8.

In the third phase of the state and the first phase of the district, 80,397 voters of the Halsi block having 10 panchayats will vote to elect their panchayat government.

In the second phase, elections are to be held in the Ramgarh Chowk block of the district. The district administration has completed the administrative preparations for the elections.

A total of 1,089 polling stations have been set up for the Panchayat elections in the district.

Panchayat government will choose six lakh five thousand voters of the district, preparations begin

In the first phase, 80,397 voters will choose their government in 10 panchayats of Halsi, in the second phase, elections will be held in Ramgarh Chowk block.

-The instructions issued by the commission will be followed, voters should not face any kind of problem at the polling station, this will also be taken care of.

Blockwise number of voters

  • Pipariya Block – Total Voters: 36,744, Male – 19,660 and Female – 17,084
  • Barhiya Block – Total Voters: 62,418, Male – 33,496 and Female – 28,949
  • Suryagarha Block – Total voters: 2,02,229, male 1,08,690 and female – 93,539
  • Lakhisarai Block – Total voters – 85,698, male – 46,079 and female – 39,616
  • Chanan Block – Total Voters: 76,441, Male – 41,391 and Female – 35,050
  • Ramgarh Block – Total Voters: 61,556, Male – 32,562 and Female – 28,993
  • Halsi Block- Total Voters: 80,397, Male – 42,667 and Female – 37,730

Block Wise Polling Station

  • Halsi Block – 142, Polling Personnel 852
  • Ramgarh Chowk Block – 111, Polling Personnel 666
  • Pipariya Block – 74, Polling Personnel 444
  • Barhiya Block – 126, Polling Personnel 756
  • Chanan Block – 139, Polling Personnel 834
  • Lakhisarai Block – 141, Polling Personnel 846
  • Suryagarha (1st Phase) – 157, Polling Personnel 942
  • Suryagarha (Phase II) – 176, Polling Personnel 1,056
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