Somewhere Greener, Somewhere Dry: Why according to the Earth in the East!

Somewhere Greener, Somewhere Dry: Why according to the Earth in the East!

Somewhere Greener, Somewhere Dry: Why according to the Earth in the East!

If you ever move towards the East from the Haryana border of Uttar Pradesh, you will feel that as we move towards the East, the earth becomes more lenient.

No one has any answer as to why this is so. The same land on the same people, wherein the west there is water every step of the way, whereas in the east these days greenery is not seen far and wide.

On my journey from Delhi to Varanasi, I found the fields dry after Kanpur. While there is similar heat in Meerut and Saharanpur and Moradabad divisions, but nowhere does it seem that the farmer here is disinterested in his agriculture.

From remote Amritsar to the whole of Punjab, Haryana and West UP, the character of the farmer is different.

Cultivated land looks different in this entire area, but after Agra, Etawah and Kanpur, as you move towards Fatehpur, Allahabad and Varanasi, Chandauli and Mirzapur, there is less greenery in the land, more drought remains.

Although there are rivers, lakes, puddles there is no, so just agriculture. But it does not mean that the farmer here is a workman or he is lazy.

Actually, the real thing is that from the time of the British, the governments did not control the water of the rivers here. It rained, rivers sprang up and water flowed away. This is the misfortune of this East of India.

The real problem is that since the rivers in North India flow east, their flow will increase as they move east. In such a situation, if the water of rivers is not compressed by dams, canals, etc., then all the water will flow in vain.

This is probably due to the slope of the earth here. In such a situation, if the fast-flowing water is not stopped, it will also turn the agricultural land into an infertile slope. Unfortunately, this is what is happening here.

The Ganges and Yamuna also start cutting the land as they move beyond Aligarh and Agra respectively. Along with this, the water of their tributaries also intensifies their intensity and erosion.

The Cachar of Aliganj near Etah explains this erosion and intensity of the Ganges, then the Yamuna takes its formidable form as it moves forward from Agra.

This is the reason that between Etawah to Kalpi, the area of ​​three kilometres on both sides of Yamuna is wild. No water, no greenery, no moisture in the ground.

Because of this, there is a mile-long forest here and a mountain-like verge. The land is not fertile and there is extreme poverty. This is the reason why the crime graph here remains the same.

It is to be known that this is the area where the entire state was engulfed by the bandit problem for about 70 years. From Dasyu Mansingh to Nirbhay Gujar, an area of ​​about 200 miles including the entire Etawah and Jalaun was affected.

Even today it cannot be said with certainty that this area is now bandit free. Similar was the condition of Aliganj on the banks of the Ganges. People have not forgotten Dasyu Chhaviram.

The focus of the government was on crime control but never tried to understand its origin. If an attempt was made to bind the wastewater through canals and dams, then the farmer here would have been happy and there would be no such poverty, due to which the farmers would not have to fall into the devious policies of big landlords and moneylenders.

The farmer, entangled in the vicious cycle of debt and drought, either commits suicide or has been jumping into the ravines of these rivers with a gun.

The secret of the greenery of Punjab, Haryana and West UP is its canals, dams and power stations. But there are no canals in the eastern part of UP.

To make the dry land green, it is necessary to take control of the water in whatever way it is. The government should lay canals here like western Uttar Pradesh.

If water is available, then the land will become fertile and if the land becomes fertile, then the farmer will be happy. Those who do not have agricultural land will get employment and will get good wages.

If the government is determined to do so, then there is no doubt that this area will also not become the best like the West. Along with water, electricity and roads, the government needs to regulate them.

To improve the health of this eastern region of UP, the government will have to do a complete surgery, only then this area will be prosperous.

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