STF arrested hardcore Naxalite from Munger, Bihar

STF arrested hardcore Naxalite from Munger, Bihar

STF arrested hardcore Naxalite from Munger, Bihar

Jamalpur STF of Munger has arrested a hardcore Naxalite on the basis of secret information. The arrested Naxalites have also admitted to being involved in the killing of 4 SAP jawans by the Naxalites.

The STF fought hardcore Naxalite, a resident of Saradhi village under the police station area of ​​​​Saradhi. Karelal Koda’s son Jameel Koda was arrested.

According to the information, the STF got information that hardcore Naxalites are present at the house. Based on this information, the STF arrested the hardcore Naxalite from the house located at Saradhi.

The arrested hardcore Naxalite is booked under the UAP Act at Kajra police station in Lakhisarai district and Bariyarpur police station in Munger district.

Levy and food used to deliver Naxalites: ASP Operation Rajkumar told that the arrested Naxalites have admitted in the course of interrogation that in recent days, Area Commander Suresh Koda and Narayan Koda used to collect levy from Ladaitand and transport them to the Area Commander.

Along with this, the information about the activities of the police was also continuously transmitted to the Naxalites.

Not only this, along with providing ration and food to the Naxalites involved in the squad, he used to get new people included in the organization.

The arrested Naxalite leaders including big Naxalite leaders Pravesh Da, Suresh Koda, Nageshwar Koda Arjun Koda and many Naxalites arrested have a very close relationship.

For this reason, the police are continuously interrogating the arrested Naxalites and trying to find out about the plans and activities of the Naxalites.

STF arrested hardcore Naxalite from Munger, Bihar

Naxalite was also involved in SAP murder case: On January 01, 2008, police officers and SAP personnel were deployed for the purpose of security at the picnic spot located in Rishikund. Meanwhile, in the evening, the Naxalites surrounded four SAP personnel from all sides.

After this, all the SAP jawans were shot and killed, during which the Naxalites also looted the weapons of the SAP jawans.

The arrested Naxalites have admitted that the SAP jawans were killed by the Naxalites. He was also involved with the Naxalites in that case.

Jameel Koda is an accused in the Naxalite case of 2021: Plans were being made continuously to blow up the Jamalpur Railway Tunnel and Munger Fort by the Naxalites.

In this sequence, based on secret information, the police arrested some Naxalites with weapons from Rishikund mountain located in the Bariyarpur police station area.

The arrested Naxalite accused in this case too.

For which Bariarpur police station case number 92/21 has been registered on 05 August 2021.

Along with this, Kajra police station case number 79/21 has also been registered on 26 August 2021 on the arrested Naxalite. in which he was absconding.

What ASP is called: ASP campaign Rajkumar told that based on secret information, STF arrested hardcore Naxalite Jameel Koda from his house.

This talk of blowing up the railway tunnel and Munger fort which was being done by the Naxalites was also involved in that activity.

Apart from this, the arrested Naxalites in the course of interrogation have provided many important clues to the police.

On the basis of which the police is working in a planned manner. The arrested Naxalites have confessed to killing the SAP jawan in Rishikund as well as having cooperated with the Naxalites.

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