Taliban in Afghanistan: The victory of Bigotry over Generosity is fatal for Human

Taliban in Afghanistan: The victory of bigotry over generosity is fatal for Human

In Afghanistan, the Taliban is hijacking individual liberties in the name of social discipline and creating conflict in the Indus and disturbing the life of the people there, which is bound to have repercussions on other countries as well.

Therefore, the justification of the actions of the Taliban forces is worth considering.

Control of individual freedom and social discipline seem to be two conflicting subjects at the superficial level, but both of them have equal importance in life and the need for coordination between the two for the happiness and peace of the individual and the society has always been felt.

The existence of an individual is essential for society. If there is no individual then how will the society be formed?

And it is inevitable for the individual to exist in society because the development of the personality of the individual and his personal happiness and peace is possible only among the society.

Without Bindu, Sindhu can’t exist and without Sindhu, Bindu can’t exist.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban is hijacking individual liberties in the name of social discipline and creating conflict in the Indus and disturbing the life of the people there, which is bound to have repercussions on other countries as well. Therefore, the justification of the actions of the Taliban forces is worth considering.

Taliban in Afghanistan Democracy and Society

The democratic system of governance weaves the social fabric giving importance to individual freedom while controlling the society through its predetermined beliefs and stereotypes by an individual or group by seizing power by the force of weapon power, hijacking individual liberty Is.

The individual wants to protect his freedom, that is why he fights against such an imposed system.

The conflict between the Taliban and the democratic forces in Afghanistan is a similar struggle between the individual and society, democracy and dictatorship.

In this struggle, there is an edge of bigotry, hysteria and negative thinking at this time, which cannot be called auspicious for the affirmation of generosity, collectivism and co-existence.

No system of government is ever completely flawless. It is established by human beings or some like-minded human beings.

Man is not perfect, therefore imperfection remains in the system created by him, although man tries to change, add and modify the established system.

These efforts are often made with constructive and positive thinking, then their results are also mostly auspicious, but when the direction of these transformational efforts is motivated by prejudices, prejudices, individual or narrow collective interests, then their results are disastrous.

Unfortunately, the present change brought by the Taliban in Afghanistan with the help of armed forces is also such an effort, because its goal is to impose medieval life on the present society and to paint the whole world community in one colour by removing its multicoloured images of the world. Islamization.

Talibanism and System

Like the flow of a river, human life is also dynamic, it is changeable. From time to time, talented thinkers are born on the surface of society and with their thinking, they make a conch shell of change in social life according to the country, time and situation.

It is a natural process of development of social life, but when a group, ignoring the needs and requirements of the present age living in the country, insists on forcibly imposing about fourteen hundred years old beliefs on the society in the name of religion and other countries with similar ideology.

If he also starts getting the support of that country, then this situation becomes dangerous not only for the residents of that country but also for other countries.

The growing power of these groups, anxious to bring people of other religions under the flag of Islam by spreading terror in the name of Jihad, is a growing threat to world peace. Such groups are active in other countries as well and are increasing their strength.

If they become more powerful in future, it will swallow their democratic systems too. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful in time and to have strict control over such powers.

Many such evils have been prevalent in the social groups divided into so-called religious groups, sects, sects, which have come and gone with time. There were so many inhuman evils in Hindu society like Sati, Devadasi system, untouchability etc.

Their approval is also found in ancient religious texts, but today there is no oblivion to sustain them anywhere. Society is moving towards harmony by abandoning its old worms.

Today, if any group of Hindus says that it has to re-establish the old customs like Sati Pratha, untouchability in Hinduism, then who will support this obscurantism?

What was evil when it was. It is not a matter of thought, it is a sad dream of history, which is only for the good of the society in forgetting it. What should happen today is worth considering.

From this point of view, new democratic systems have been accepted in India and other countries, but it is a matter of surprise that even today radical Islamic thinkers are not ready to welcome the new systems in their sphere of influence and break the outdated stereotypes.

By supporting Islamic ideologues enriched with liberal ideas of coexistence and fraternity, the spreading mentality of terrorism that nurtures bigotry and violent hysteria must be stopped, otherwise, the Taliban forces will continue to shed blood not only in Afghanistan but all over the world.

It is also worth considering that when people of other religions are moving ahead leaving behind their stereotypes and evils, then why are the so-called intellectuals of Islam adamant against giving their society a free environment and why society does not oppose them openly?

Why does he silently support them?

Unless the anti-conservative voices from within Muslim society are vocal, the Talibani jihadi mentality is difficult to end.

Religion is the acceptance of divine existence and the basis of human values. The methods of worship of different religions are different, the path of spiritual practice is different, but the goal is one – to get the grace of God.

The Hindu devotee seeks the grace of God, the Muslim prays five times to seek the blessings of Allah, the Christian prayer and the Sikh prays. Everyone is trying to get the grace of that invisible, then why protest?

When the whole creation is the creation of that one power, then why the struggle?

In fact, the struggle is not of religion, it is of power, it is of convenience. Group expansion for power and convenience. That is why Talibani Muslims are shedding the blood of other Muslims in Afghanistan.

It is disturbing Afghanistan and is eager to disturb other countries of the world. That is why the world community is worried about the victory of the Taliban.

The victory of bigotry over generosity is fatal to man. The power of the world to come forward is very important for the suffering Afghans.

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