Taliban-USA and Afghanistan: US President is not proving to be weak?

Taliban-USA and Afghanistan: US President is not proving to be weak?

Taliban-USA and Afghanistan: US President is not proving to be weak?

Joe Biden is a weak president. He was against Operation Osama in the Obama government.

They act with such gusto that those around them know that they have made a huge mistake in their assessment of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

In fact, questions have also been raised on the Biden government due to the killing of 13 American soldiers in the blast in Kabul. Read senior journalist Dayashankar Shukla’s serious comment on the current situation in Afghanistan and America’s policy.

What happened last night at Kabul airport is no surprise. ISIS may have done these blasts, but the Taliban is responsible for it. Taliban has neither its own intelligence nor trained army nor any police system of its own.

In fact, their government is the same as making a clan the emperor of a big country, so ISIS can do whatever it wants in Afghanistan. And he did the same because he does not want to see the Taliban at the height of power at any cost.

Here, he himself wants to conquer the countries around Khusran like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and make it an Islamic State and run it under Sharia law.

So he did this to further increase the hatred for the goth Taliban. And the same thing happened. Now Russia has also said that it will not rush to recognize the Taliban.

US President Joe Biden was the vilest in this entire incident. Joe Biden is a very weak leader. He is one of America’s oldest leaders. Tried all his life but could not become the President.

Joe Biden’s long experience in being embroiled in lies, fraud allegations and political controversies has led Barack Obama to describe him as “the best Vice President America has ever had.” But the truth is that they are very weak-willed people.

The Story of Biden’s Fear and Operation Osama

I’ll tell you a story. With Obama becoming president in the 2009 election, Joe Biden became the first US Vice President. He was the first Roman Catholic Vice President of America.

It was with Biden’s help that Obama prepared his Afghanistan strategy. Biden visited Iraq every two months.

Biden became the Iraqi administration’s ‘point man’ to deliver the message to the Iraqi leadership. Meanwhile, news came that Osama bin Laden is hiding in Pakistan.

He lived with his family in a large compound on the outskirts of Abbottabad city, 35 km from Islamabad. But American spies had no conclusive evidence that bin Laden was hiding there.

Obama had only two options.

The first option is to destroy the compound with an airstrike. Its first advantage was that there was absolutely no risk of an American being killed on Pakistani soil.

The US could publicly deny that it had any hand in the attack. But its disadvantage was that even if they succeeded in destroying the compound, how would it be determined that bin Laden was present inside it? And if al-Qaeda denies that, how can we prove that bin Laden is dead?

Secondly, the danger also could not be denied that people living in and around the compound could also be killed. But then-Vice President Joe Biden was against this attack.

His reasoning-

Failure to do so will have dire consequences. This raid should be postponed until intelligence sources are sure about the existence of Osama bin Laden there.

Hillary Clinton also worried that this would worsen relations between America and Pakistan. He also feared that the American Seals might not come face to face with the Pakistani army. Despite all these protests, Obama allowed the US Seals to operate and bin Laden was killed.

What was Biden thinking when the operation was going on?

While this operation was going on, President Obama and Vice President Biden were watching the entire operation live in the White House.

Obama had just been sitting there for a minute that a Black Hawk helicopter was slightly shaken as it landed and before he could understand anything, he was told that a wing of the helicopter had hit the wall of the compound.

Barack Obama writes in his autobiography ‘A Promised Land-

“For a moment I was terrified and thought something bad was about to happen in my head, then-Vice Admiral Bill McRaven’s voice echoed in my ears, ‘Everything will be okay.’ These are our best pilots. He will bring the helicopter down safely.

And of course, that’s what happened. For twenty minutes McRaven had no idea what was going on there when suddenly both McRaven and former CIA director Leon Panetta uttered the words we had been eagerly waiting for—

‘Jeronimo EKIA means Enemy Killed in Action.’ A sigh came out of everyone in the room. I kept my eyes fixed on the video feed. I said softly, ‘We got him.”

As the helicopters took off for the return, Joe Biden pressed Obama’s shoulder and said-

‘Congregations boss.’ I have seen lying down. The height of the dead person is six feet four inches.” Obama joked to Bill McRaven, “You too Bill. Went on such a big campaign and forgot to take the measuring tape with you!”

Well, this incident tells how much Joe Biden steps up. Yet they made a huge mistake in their assessment of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

In America, every soldier, every civilian’s life is worth it. The people there can forgive everything, but cannot forget the death of their citizens on foreign or native land.

No matter who the president is, Joe Biden had to say on Friday that America will not forget or forgive those responsible for this incident.

Here, in the midst of this whole incident, former President Donald Trump is also being remembered that if he had been there, he probably would have taken many steps by now.

America’s flag will now be flown for the next three days. So the hopeful news in the tragic tragedy is that the bad days have come for ISIS. America will do the same to him as it did to Osama.

This will be good news for India because ISIS Khusran is also active in India. More recently, ISIS members were caught in cities like Lucknow, Kanpur and Kerala.

India has been warning the world about terrorism

India repeatedly told the whole world that America and European countries should unite against terrorism. But no one listened because of their diplomatic interests. But now everyone has to unite against terrorism.

The occupation of the Taliban in Afghanistan means that very soon the factories of terrorism are going to open in different provinces of Afghanistan. The whole world will have to unite against this.

The truth is that the thinking of terrorist organizations like Taliban-ISSS, Lashkar-Toiba is the thinking of the tribals.

They feel that even today Islam can be spread in the world with the help of a sword. They think that the whole world can be governed by the Shariat. He has so much faith in Paradise and its heroes that every infidel in the world can be killed to get them.

The Taliban’s modus operandi of terror is April. He cannot run the power of Afghanistan for four days without terror. So it is foolish to expect him to improve or change.

This is a litmus test for the world and most of all Joe Biden. America has to take the initiative for peace in Central Asia. It is expected that it will start soon from Khusran then Afghanistan. ISIS Khusran should start the countdown.


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