Tokyo Olympics & Women’s Hockey Team

Tokyo Olympics & Women’s Hockey Team

In the Indian environment, girls get taunts if they have to go out of the house. Flirting, flirting is like a normal thing.

When these girls win a medal in the game, then there is a slap on the cheeks of those chicks who used to tease them.

Senior sports journalist Amitabh Srivastava is telling how difficult it is for girls to reach the playground..!

The tone of music expands. And this seems to happen only when there is knowledge of that tone, it is practised hard. Those who have no practice of taunting start taunting.

Tokyo Olympics and women’s hockey team

To tease, grieve, or bring down someone. It is a matter of regret that in the Indian environment, girls get taunted if they have to step out of the house. Flirting, flirting is like a normal thing.

When these girls win a medal in the game, then there is a slap on the cheeks of those chicks who used to tease them.

Women’s hockey salute to Savita Punia

Actually, this thing was flashing in the mind since the father of the women’s hockey team goalkeeper Savita Punia said that he is proud of his daughter.

Today it is a slap on the cheek of the boys who used to tease her on the bus while going for practice.

It is not only about Savita but it happens to almost every girl in our country.

If girls achieve any success, then not only their talent is behind it, but there is also a lot of mental anguish, through which they earn some respect for the country.

Does anyone understand his pain at all?

Can anyone understand the condition of the girl’s parents, under what circumstances they make their daughter reach her goal in the midst of these miscreants?

Tokyo Olympics is over. India returned with 7 medals from there. Not only this, but his players were just a little bit away from the medals in many events.

If we think seriously for our players, then we used to deserve medals in wrestling, archery, shooting, as well as in competitions like women’s hockey, golf, we remained at number four.

If everything was better then at least we would have more than 20 medals in our kitty and the number of gold was almost fixed in archery, shooting.

Well, the medals may not have been received, but the performance which has happened this time shows a golden future for the coming tomorrow.

Now think we are seeing this future, but how to get rid of the present that the talented girls of India have to face outside the house.

Male dominance is one thing, but such incidents that happen every day to girls discourage them, adversely affect their minds, degrade their self-confidence, and how impotent a man indulging in such acts is, it can be understood.

This is the worst form of male dominance.

  • How much do you know about that pain of girls?
  • How many talented girls would be there who would have stayed home in such an environment?
  • How many girls can show something for this country, who are forced to cover their feet because of these tramp boys?
  • Today, if any girls of Mary Kom or Lovlina or women’s hockey team have returned with charisma in the Olympics, would they have survived such incidents in their past?

Savita, who has emerged as the world’s most brilliant goalkeeper, her father has said it clearly, but how many fathers cannot say anything, how many girls cannot say anything.

This is a serious problem in this country.

Those who raise the honour and respect of the country even after listening to taunts, imagine that if they get an open, clean and free sky, then their flight has the ability to cover the whole world with the tricolour.

Remember, be it music or sports, it takes hard work to tune it. It is easy to taunt. But this is a new India and such people should be ready to eat slaps with damages.


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