US withdrawal: China eyeing Afghan resources

US withdrawal: China eyeing Afghan resources

US withdrawal: China eyeing Afghan resources

How the US pulled out millions of people from Afghanistan without a concrete plan shows the erosion of its strength and credibility and also that its withdrawal has encouraged China to fill the void created there.

In such a situation, China can increase access to the Taliban by using its committed ally Pakistan as a puppet to exploit Afghanistan’s 3 trillion dollar natural resources.

Analysts believe that the spirit of nationalism and the desire to save the lives of US and NATO soldiers prompted Joe Biden to execute the Doha Agreement, which was carried forward during the Trump administration.

Experts say the Doha Agreement had become a headache for the new US administration, although it could be of great benefit in future politics. Clearly, the turmoil in Afghanistan is now being blamed on the policies of Biden and Trump, who relied on the Taliban, who did not honour the Doha Agreement.

Trump’s Doha agreement has become a headache not only for Biden but also for India, which has invested Rs 23,000 crore in various sectors including education, health, infrastructure construction in Afghanistan.

Analysts believe that China hosted a Taliban delegation to prepare the ground for a future partnership through Pakistan and to appease the Taliban.

Written by Deepa Chandravanshi Co-founder of chandravanshi

US withdrawal:

It has laid the foundation for the implementation of the ‘Chinese model’ of investment to exploit natural resources. Some former diplomats are firm of the view that the ‘Chinese model’ of entry into Afghanistan could be based on the exploitation of natural resources, which would be beneficial to the rulers in the troubled country.

So China is slowly moving towards the target by taking advantage of its hold on Pakistan, which is guaranteeing these insurgents, whose credibility is under doubt among the international community.

Along with the centuries-old enmity, the Sino-Pak nexus is bent on taking an irrational approach to defame India and create obstacles, which is contrary to the logic of the international community not to recognize the Taliban regime, which may backfire.

And can isolate China and its allies in the world. China is already facing the ire of most countries for hiding information about the Corona epidemic.

Analysts say China is using Pakistan to keep the Taliban away from Uighur Muslims, although this threatens the rise of militant groups in the Kashmir Valley, as they are part of the Taliban, an anti-India group and the Haqqani network. clear to include.

China eyeing Afghan resources

Taliban helped terrorist groups in 1996 and supported them in escalating violence in Kashmir, but they may bear the brunt of such a mistake, India and other countries of the world, especially America, stand with us on this issue .

India may have concerns about a shift in the geopolitical balance in the region, which may gradually tilt in favour of the polarization of China, Russia, Pakistan and Iran.

India should not be hasty in deciding its stand towards the new government in Kabul. India should consider a long-term strategy and keep an eye on the situation in Afghanistan.

Till now, countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates also did not recognize the Taliban, which recognized them in 1996 without any delay. India should use the goodwill of the Quad, which is the same as the US, Japan and Australia.

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