Woman appeals to SP for husband’s post-mortem report in Sheikhpura

Woman appeals to SP for husband’s post-mortem report in Sheikhpura, waiting for compensation

Lakshia Devi, the wife of Late Rajkumar Chaudhary, resident of Rondi village under Arriari block area of ​​Sheikhpura district, reached the SP today with a complaint that people were stunned to know. Actually, Lakshia Devi’s husband Rajkumar Chaudhary died on 11/11/2020 due to drowning in the pond.

The post-mortem of the dead body was done at Sheikhpura Sadar Hospital. After that, based on the postmortem report, the woman was constantly making rounds of the hospital and police station for government assistance, but she was being evaded by the Arriari police station saying that her post-mortem report has been made available in the court.

When an attempt was made to get a copy of the post-mortem report from the court, information was received that the report was not available. In such a situation, the victim woman reached the SP and complained about the demand for postmortem reports for government benefits.

After eight days, the SP has again called Lakshya Devi, the wife of the deceased Rajkumar Chaudhary, to the office and assured her that the post-mortem report will be made available to her soon.

However, the woman was in a lot of trouble due to the non-availability of a postmortem report of her husband’s death. The wife of the deceased has told us that if the post-mortem report is received, then our children will get government assistance easily.

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