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The Dangers of Avoiding the Emergency Dentist

If you’re experiencing severe tooth pain, bleeding gums, injuries to your teeth and gums, or any other urgent dental health issue, it’s important to seek emergency dental care right away. Avoiding the emergency dentist can lead to much bigger problems down the road.

We understand that dental emergencies can happen at the most inconvenient times. But no matter when your dental emergency strikes, Emergency Dentist London Pro has an experienced emergency dentist in London ready to provide prompt, compassionate care. Read on to learn why it’s so important to seek emergency dental treatment when you need it.

Pain Relief is Only Temporary

It’s normal to want to do anything you can to stop the throbbing tooth pain of an emergency like a cracked or abscessed tooth. So you may be tempted to self-medicate with numbing gels and pain relievers from the pharmacy. While they may provide temporary relief, over-the-counter remedies cannot treat the underlying problem. And the pain will undoubtedly return.

Emergency dentists have access to professional-grade numbing and pain-blocking agents. They use these medications to fully numb the area around the affected tooth to provide more complete, longer-lasting pain relief while they treat the real problem.

Problems Worsen Without Professional Treatment

Attempting to treat dental emergencies at home or waiting until your regular dentist appointment is available allows these traumatic conditions to worsen. For example, rinsing with warm salt water may temporarily help relieve pain and swelling from a gum abscess. But without professional dental treatment, the infection can advance to dangerous stages requiring hospitalization.

Seeing an emergency dentist right away gives you the best chance for resolving dental emergencies before they become more complicated, painful, and costly to fix. It’s understandable to be anxious about emergency dental procedures. But it helps to remember that emergency dentists are expertly trained and experienced in providing effective, efficient treatment with maximum comfort in mind.

Some Situations Can Be Life-Threatening

It’s rare, but certain dental health emergencies can progress to life-threatening stages rather quickly without emergency dental intervention. For example, a growing infection from an untreated abscessed tooth could spread to the bloodstream. Though infrequent, such infections have the potential to become lethal.

Knocked-out permanent teeth require emergency dental replanting within hours for any chance of saving them. And serious oral injuries often lead to heavy, uncontrollable bleeding without the proper emergency treatment. When it comes to emergency dental care, minutes matter. So don’t take chances with your dental and overall health. Always opt to receive urgent treatment from professional emergency dentists.

You Deserve Immediate Comfort

No one expects to have their dental health emergency happen at an inconvenient time. But take comfort in knowing that emergency dentists provide professional care 24/7. You should not have to endure hours or days of discomfort because your dental health crisis doesn’t align with business hours or appointment availability.

The emergency dentistry team at Emergency Dentist London Pro makes patient comfort a top priority. You will receive gentle, thoughtful treatment and compassion from the moment you walk through our door. Many of our patients report feeling reassured and relaxed despite the stressful circumstances. Our entire staff strives to provide not only expert dental care but also a positive experience overall.

Be Prepared Before Disaster Strikes

As with any health emergency, prevention and preparedness are always better than reacting afterward. Make sure to follow good oral hygiene and dental health habits like brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and having routine professional cleanings and exams. Practicing smart dental health habits minimizes your risk for many common dental emergencies.

Get familiar now with emergency dentists in your area, or choose one to go to before you find yourself in dental distress. Having an emergency dentist selected ahead of time eliminates the stress of trying to research one while simultaneously managing your dental pain or injury. At Emergency Dentist London Pro, we’re always available to be your emergency dentists. Our skilled, caring team has a proven track record of providing prompt relief for all urgent dental issues.

In Conclusion

A dental health crisis can happen unexpectedly at the worst possible time. But never let fear of emergency dental treatment lead you to put off essential urgent dental care. Emergency Dentist London Pro fully understands dental anxiety. We provide compassionate understanding and the utmost in patient comfort and well-being while fixing the urgent issue at hand. When a dental emergency strikes your teeth or gums, remember that emergency help is available from professionals trained specifically for these situations. Know that you can feel completely at ease and in the most capable of hands with Emergency Dentist London Pro. Our entire team eagerly awaits the chance to serve all your urgent dental health demands.

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