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The Top 10 Outdoor Extension Cords For DIY Enthusiasts

Everybody owns a minimum of one extension cord, but is it the best or even the appropriate one for the purpose for which you need it?

The extension cord is just an extension cord for the typical consumer. The majority of us are unaware of the distinctions between items like wire gauge (size), environment (indoor, outdoor, or both), and purpose (short-term usage, like running a shop vac or power tool, or longer use, like a power tool that is going to be left on for extended periods).

Another factor that people overlook is that a power cord is always a temporary fix, regardless of the cord’s gauge or rating.  

In the long term, it is preferable to have an authorized electrician install an additional outlet and the necessary connections to run any appliances you need in that place if you don’t already have one where you need it. But this is something people will tell you. In reality, you only need an extension cord for an extended fix to power outdoor appliances and devices. 

In addition to heavy-duty tasks like afternoon circular saw projects in the backyard, extension cords are essential for those who prefer to use corded outdoor power equipment, like leaf blowers, lawnmowers, and chainsaws. Some even have built-in surge protectors, including multiple power and USB outlets, perfect for a bedroom or home office. 


The 16 gauge SJTOW wire used to make this extension cable comprises three conductors and a rating of 13 amps at 125 volts. In addition, Americord’s six-foot-long extension cord also comes in black.   

A Nema 5-15P right angle plug is molded onto it, connecting to a Nema 5-15 Triple Connector (3-Outlet). 


With its oil-resistant TPE rubber construction, this extension cord offers maximum flexibility year-round. Temperatures as high as 212°F while temperatures as low as -58°F are sustained by this outdoor extension cord.  

Supplementing previous pieces of information, this extension cord is exceptionally resistant to chemicals, UV, ozone, and cracking.  When more protection is required, such as in garages or industrial settings, this extension cord would be ideal.   

Ultimately, it is necessary to employ extension cord safety when using any cord. When it comes to year-round flexibility, this extension cord comprises 10/3 SJEOW TPE rubber. So, do not fret. 


Did you know this power extension cable is designed with connections for the North American (NA) marketplace?

More so, it has a NEMA 5-15R receptacle with a manufactured NEMA 5-15P plug. This outdoor cord also comes with ten feet of black, three-conductor SJTW-type wire with a gauge of 14 and a voltage rating of 125 volts and 15 amperes.  

And guess what? It has a 105°C temperature rating. 

4. U.S. Wire & Cable 50 FT. Extreme All-Weather Extension Cord 

This cord’s sturdy structure and strong power rating allow it to handle any task around the house or garage securely. In addition, it’s perhaps the most supple cord they have tested, even in subfreezing temperatures. 

The 50-foot Extreme All-Weather Extension Cable by U.S. Wire & Cable balances utility and performance. Moreover, it is safe to be utilized with most machinery and tools since the robust, 12-gauge wires within are rated to take up to 15 amps, as much as most home breakers will allow. In addition, it’s the most pliable cord we’ve ever used, making it comfortable to labor in both the hottest summer and the coldest winter months. When the extension cord is live, a little LED on the outlet end illuminates.  

Besides, the 50-foot extension cord is sufficiently adaptable to span a two-car garage, travel between two spaces indoors, and extend far into a driveway or yard if you only plan to own one. 

5. Southwire 1638SW0061 Polar/Solar Supreme Extension Cord 

Although the Southwire chord is stiffer and usually costs a little more, it is almost the same as their best option. 

We also prefer the Southwire 1638SW0061 Polar/Solar Supreme Extension Cord in case the U.S. Wire & Cable isn’t available. It is stiffer than their top selection, which makes it a little more challenging to coil upwards at the close of the working day, but otherwise, it’s got all the identical qualities. 

6. Clear Power CP10091 50 ft TPE Rubber Heavy Duty Extension Cord 

The Clear Power cord is almost the same as our choice of the Southwire, except it adds a little locking switch to secure the connection at the plug end. It’s not a necessary feature, but it’s an okay one. 

The Clear Power CP10091 50-foot TPE Rubber Heavy Duty Extension Cord is another quite manageable and extremely comparable option. It features a locking button at the plug end that keeps whatever you’re plugging into it from accidentally unplugging, and it’s a little stiffer than our top choice while still providing the same powering capabilities. Although we doubt the mechanism’s long-term endurance, it’s a respectable feature.  

7. Amazon Basics Vinyl Outdoor Extension Cord 

There are several sizes of this AmazonBasics extension cord, including a 100-foot length. Customers can also purchase a two-pack of 100-foot cables for 200 feet of reach or a set of four 50-foot cords. 

Main Elements 

  • Accessible in green or orange 
  • Offered in lengths of 15, 20, 30, 50, 75, and 100 feet. 
  • Has a single, three-prong outlet. 
  • Carries ten amps 

8. Best Multi-Pack: Cable Matters Heavy-Duty Extension Cord 

With the two extension cables that contain two three-prong plugs included in this bundle, customers may power a range of small appliances and gadgets in their homes. 

Main Elements 

  • Accessible in white or black 
  • Offered in lengths of three, six, ten, and fifteen feet. 
  • Has a single, three-prong outlet. 
  • Carries 13 amps 

9. Best for Outdoor Use: Southwire Outdoor Extension Cord 

This extension cord is perfect for outdoor use because of its flexible vinyl coating, which shields it from moisture, abrasion, and sunlight. To keep the prongs from twisting and breaking, it also features strengthened blades. 

Main Elements 

  • In stock in yellow 
  • 50- or 100-foot lengths are available. 
  • Has a single, three-prong outlet. 
  • Allows for 15 amps 

10. Alestor Surge Protector Power Strip with USB Ports 

If you need more outlets or USB ports, you need the ALESTOR Power Strip. This surge protector offers enough room for charging all of your electronic devices at once thanks to its 12 outlets & 4 USB connections. Thanks to the 2700 joules of protection against surges and the 6-foot extension cord, your devices are protected.  

In the End! 

Ultimately, choose an extension cord suitable for your location and devices. Don’t forget, the right extension cord offers the power you need when you need it. The correct power cord type also tends to extend the reach of power tools, making it seamless to put devices where you want them. 

In addition, extension cords should only be used as temporary electric solutions. Unplug them when not in use. Finally, use a surge protector to protect expensive devices or equipment. 

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