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What Makes GIIS Kindergarten Indian School Perfect for Your Child

We understand the importance of a strong foundation for a child’s education and overall development, especially for Indian parents residing in Dubai.

And with plenty of nursery schools to choose from, it can be pretty tough to decide which one is right for your child. 

However, GIIS Kindergarten Indian School simply stands out as we offer a holistic learning experience that nurtures your child’s intellectual, social, and emotional growth.

Why GIIS Kindergarten?

Now please note that GIIS Kindergarten Indian School is not merely an educational institution, it’s a joyful playground where your child’s unique talents and aspirations are recognized and nurtured. 

The school’s commitment to holistic development goes beyond academics, covering a diverse set of extracurricular activities, arts, sports, and community engagement opportunities. 

This approach fosters well-rounded individuals, preparing students for life beyond the classroom.

  • A Curriculum Tailored Specifically to Indian Values and Global Aspirations

At GIIS Kindergarten, we understand the importance of preserving Indian values while preparing your child for a globalised world. 

Our curriculum seamlessly integrates Indian heritage and traditions with the latest approaches, ensuring that your child is equipped with the knowledge and skills to excel in any environment.

  • A Nurturing Environment Where Every Child Feels Special

Our classrooms are vibrant spaces where curiosity is ignited, creativity is nurtured, and the joy of learning is instilled. Our teachers recognize that every student possesses unique strengths and aspirations. They strive to create personalised learning pathways that nurture these individual qualities.

  • A Home Away from Home

GIIS Kindergarten understands the unique challenges faced by Indian expatriate families in Dubai. That’s why we ensure to create a warm and welcoming environment that feels nothing less than a home. Our teachers and staff are sensitive to cultural differences and go the extra mile to ensure that your child feels comfortable and supported.

  • GIIS Excellence: A Legacy of Nurturing Global Citizens

GIIS Kindergarten Indian School is not just a nursery school, we are a part of a global network of educational institutions that have been able to shape bright minds for over 25 years. The success stories of our alumni, who have made substantial contributions to society across diverse fields, stand as a testament to our legacy of excellence.


GIIS Kindergarten Indian School is proud to offer the Zayed Gandhi Merit Cum Means Scholarship, a program designed to support students who demonstrate exceptional academic merit and financial need. The sole purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to deserving students. It is designed for students to have easy access to quality education and pursue their dreams without any financial barriers.

GIIS Kindergarten Indian School is more than committed to empowering students from all walks of life to reach their full potential. The Zayed Gandhi Merit Cum Means Scholarship is a testament to our unwavering belief in inclusive education and our dedication to providing every child with the opportunity to shine.

GIIS Kindergarten Indian School invites you to witness how much difference a truly exceptional education can make in your child’s life. We are confident that you will find our school to be the perfect environment for your child to blossom and grow.

Schedule a virtual tour or visit today and witness the magic of GIIS Kindergarten!

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